Camrose Real Estate

Learn more about Camrose real estate and life in this friendly community on this page. Find Camrose real estate listings below or read on to discover more about the place’s history.

First settled by Europeans around 1900, Camrose attracted first pioneers and then settlers and businessman thanks to its proximity to Wetaskiwin, which was then an important location for pioneers. Many of those early settlers came from Scandinavia, a heritage which can still be felt today.

Originally known as Stoney Creek and later Sparling, the settlement received its current name in 1906. The reason for this is not certain, but many believe it is linked to a village named Camrose in South Wales. A few years later, thanks to its location between Edmonton and Calgary, Camrose became something of a railway hub.

Nowadays, Camrose is nicknamed “The Rose City” due to its scenic beauty. Camrose real estate is weighted towards ownership more than renting.

While it is a small city with all the strength of community that brings, Camrose also has all the amenities of a thriving municipality. There are schools, restaurants and other leisure facilities to be found in Camrose.

There are theatre events, galleries and festivals for the culturally minded to dive into, as well as plenty of sports facilities, especially at the Camrose Aquatic Centre.

Camrose real estate is more affordable than in many other parts of Canada, bringing the homeownership dream closer for many residents. If you have any questions about buying a home in Camrose or would like help finding Camrose homes for sale, do not hesitate to call Tracy Brandingen.